And start waving it around like a racing flag signaling it’s “Go Time!”


And then throw it and the game of chase begins.


The blanket just happened to land on his back when he threw it in the air today. I assume it looked like I was chasing a green ghost around for a little bit.

A little bit later, lunch was served and Negra was really pleased with her Brussels sprouts. She even collected those that were tossed aside by the others.

She was joined by Foxie and moved on to her red onions. She might have moved on to her red onions after seeing how much Foxie was enjoying hers.

Speaking of Negra and lunch, we hope to see you participate in The Queen’s Brunch on June 13th. Be sure to register to receive updates on the event and online auction. There are some many great items being added to the list, including this magnificent watercolor and ink painting of the Queen herself by Jennifer Kruger! Be sure to look at some of the other amazing auction items, and stay tuned for even more amazing things to come.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Kathleen says

    While reading about you and Burrito all I think of was “Gentlemen start your engines” and the flag being waved. Perhaps Burrito saw this when he was sick and watching big screen movies? Totally cracking up over the blanket falling on his back today. Even Annie appears to be wondering what’s up with that move! I hope you can capture Burrito’s somersault, he’s adorably funny. And thanks for the photos of the gals savoring those healthy veggies.

    So excited for HRH brunch celebration. Counting down the days. Year after year the artists portraits blow me away and this year is no different. Outstanding talent, I feel bidding wars in the air……

  2. Debi says

    Thanks for the cute story, Chad…All I have to do is hear the word, “Burrito,” or notice him (no matter what he’s doing) & I immediately sit up & pay extra close attention…(& I speed read through the video introductions so I can quickly watch (& then rewatch) all the daily blog posts with the wonderful videos & photographs)…
    What an especially endearing guy this lovable chimp is…Seriously…He always makes me smile from ear-to-ear…I can hardly imagine the THRILL of having him (or any of the chimps) try to personally engage you in the hopes of some playful game …It can’t get much more exciting than that…

    One of the cutest, play ape behaviors I’ve notice so often, is their great fondness for spinning around & around & around & then falling down, & how much they seem to enjoy performing somersaults…Frontwards & backwards, like they have “ants in their pants,” as my Gramma Nanny used to say… : )

  3. Jojo says

    Thank u for the update! I’m so happy Burrito is back to clowning around. Negra can have my Brussels sprouts too!

  4. Judy says

    thanks for the spotlight on Mr. B… always love that… very nice that he is inspired to do new and different things.. and inspires you to that as well… Thanks Chad!.. and everyone…

  5. June says

    I can’t help it. Every time I see a picture of Negra sitting with her beautiful belly, she reminds me of my dearly loved Grandma! Something about the posture ?

  6. June says

    I can’t help it. Every time I see a picture of Negra sitting with her beautiful belly, she reminds me of my dearly loved Grandma! Something about the posture ?

  7. Arlene and Michael says

    Love to hear about the Chimps happy days and looking forward to the Queen’s brunch. What a wonderful idea.